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  • Kotoba

    21 December 2016 ( #1.Lyrics )

    The last wind is blowing now. I take this wind and feel it.The Sounds, the smells, and the warmth. Leave myself to the wind, wherever I go.I wonder if it is going to the west. Let's go, far away.Let's go, scoop up the wind. The last wind is blowing now....

  • In The Darkness

    23 December 2016 ( #2.Prologue )

    DOKUT, DOKUT, DOKUT and DOKUT.In this darkness, only this sound is reverberating. What sound is it on earth?Even if I look around, it's utterly dark and I can't see anything. Suddenly I feel that bug called fear come from every part of own body. DOKUT...

  • Episode 1/No Match Man

    02 January 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    At the end of the Edo era of Japan, as a result of "many samurai against the government" and "Shinsengumi" fighting, many dead were created in Kyoto. ───── Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat,Tat… tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo,tTo… The two samurai...

  • Episode 2/Unsafe Men

    03 January 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    Hah,Hah,Hah,Hah,Hah… haH,haH,haH,haH,haH… The two samurai stop their feet and talk to the young man from the older man. 「All right? "Kahei"?」 「Yes, I'm OK. How about Mr."Rokuro"?」 "Kahei" replied to "Rokuro" and he worried about "Rokuro". Hah,Hah,Hah,Hah…...

  • Episode 5/Expected Man

    08 February 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    Two men were talking in the corridor of Maekawa's House, which is the base of "Shinsengumi". The moonlight from the night sky and the light leaking from inside the room are vaguely illuminating the two men. One had no distinctive features, but the other...

  • Episode 3/Bizarre Man

    15 January 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    "Rokuro" and "Kahei" were confused. Suddenly they were spoken to by someone from the other side of the cherry tree, so they went around to the other side of the cherry tree like a pincer attack it. But the scenes that jumped into their eyes were far beyond...

  • Episode 4/By-blow Man

    02 February 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    It will soon be summer, it's such a late spring night. The time is around 9 PM. It has been a long time since sunset had already passed. A moon of the first quarter is floating in the night sky. The very big man was sitting on the edge of the corridor...

  • Episode 6/"Tenryu Kurotani" named Man

    26 February 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    "Tenryu Kurotani". In Okayama, the "Kurotani"'s family wasn't a samurai but a pedigree of ninja. "Tenryu" has been training of ninja since childhood as the fifth son of the "Kurotani"'s family.("Tenryu" is youngest brother.) At the time of that training,...

  • Episode 7/"Kosaburo Oki" named Man

    09 March 2017 ( #3.Chapter Ⅰ/The Murderer )

    "Kosaburo Oki". The third son of the "Oki"'s family who hosts one of the famous swordsmanship dojos in Kyoto. "Kosaburo" is a twin eggy twin with "Koshiro" of the fourth son of the "Oki"'s family. He was five years old away from first brother "Kotaro",...